Community Ownership


Land NFT

Grab your Land and become the owner of an exclusive part of our 1000km2-wide VR open world. The various continents within Earniverse offer a variety of different options to suit everyone’s needs, giving users a unique opportunity to own customizable virtual land in a community-driven metaverse. 

proprietary land nft metaverse

Proprietary Spaces

Every landowner becomes registered on the blockchain as the single proprietary of their VR spaces. Thanks to the blockchain NFT technology, your investment is fully secured as you become the sole owner of your land and the only one to decide the final use of it.

Infinite VR Experiences

build vr world metaverse

Building VR World

Building your own VR world has never been easier. Express your creativity, create a unique VR World and customize your 3D space to provide new experiences to your community in terms of customer service, showroom, simulation, education & training, shopping, art, service gamification & games

VR branding metaverse

VR Branding

Create your space with fully customized exterior and interior architecture design, adapt your environment to promote your brand and use our various in-built tools to showcase your services and generate revenues through the combination of unique VR experiences & exclusive 3D NFT collections.

Unique Gameplays

multiple vr gameplays 2

VR Multiplayer Gameplays

Get access to various VR multiplayer gameplays in a single place. From simple navigation systems to ride a car, navigate your boat and plane, to advanced gameplays such as Combat, Sports, Fun fairs, Mmorpg, Casino and more, discover the joy of having endless VR experiences in a single environment.

VR turnkey solution

VR Turnkey Solutions

Our unique ecosystem enables anyone to create fully customized VR / AR experiences without the technical complexities of creating their own metaverse. Select a land, create your 3D building, embed your 3D assets and create interactions with one of the multiple blueprint logics available to create a unique VR / AR experience.

Customization Tools

metaverse vr sdk toolbox 1

3D SDK & Asset Toolbox

All tools are made available to publishers for their VR integration in the simplest way. With a unique no-code 3D SDK, publishers can use various assets from our toolbox to build and customize their VR environment without the need for knowledge of 3D modeling, blueprints and coding.

metaverse vr sdk tools

Gameplay built-in tools

Our various gameplays and blueprints are released on a regular basis and integrated with our SDK for the benefit of the community. Whatever experience you wish to create, our blueprints library will provide you the core mechanics to create your VR experience or any kind of VR game with ease.

3D NFT Marketplace

metverse nft marketplace community

Community Marketplace

The value of a metaverse is defined by the quality and quantity of assets available within it, Earniverse has created a unique NFT marketplace called Earnimarket. This community marketplace enables publishers to upload and exchange any kind of 2D and 3D assets and make them available inside Earniverse with guaranteed NFT ownership.

metaverse cross platofmr 3D nft collection

Cross-Platform 3D NFT Collections

With the facility to create unique NFT collections and provide real in-game utilities, Earniverse provides publishers, artists, 3D studios and brands with the opportunity to generate revenues by creating and selling their own cross-platform 3D NFT collections.